Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lit Review #2

My first Lit Review was a long (36 page) scientific study about encorporating computers into daily lessons in middle school. In addition, I have been reading other classmates blogs and their articles, and I wanted to do something very different. This time I chose to do a review of blackboard technology from Pearson.

Product Review: Pearson digits
By MaryAnn Karre

I found this review on the Tech and Learning website which is designed to be an informative publication on integrating technology into the classroom. is a IWB programed developed around the Common Core State Standards for middle school math. It offers dozens of subjects for each grade level. The author feels as though this is great tool for math teachers offering them classroom lessons as well as individual online homework assignments allowing the teacher to provide extra practice for some students and more challenging work for others.

One teacher actually posted a comment that they spend so much time preparing IWB plans, that they are really looking forward to using this tool and alleviating some of their burden.

My thoughts are that this tool seems like a great way for schools to assist teachers in introducing technology in the classroom, especially for those teachers who are skeptical or just new to it. It allows the teacher to encorporate the technology into their lesson without leaving them to figure out how to do it. It will each teacher to determine how much to use it. At a cost of $12 a student, one would hope that they find it to be a great program and use it to it's fullest.

In addition, I thought  new teachers like myself would benefit from having this "canned" program in their arsenal to start my teaching career. I know that I want to use this kind of tool in my classroom but I may not be ready to create such an interactive program on my first day!

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