Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chapter 6 Thoughts...

Coming from the Corporate world, I can't help but think that this chapter spent a great deal of time encouraging administrators and people in leadership roles to be patient and gentle with teachers who were apprehensive about introducing technology into their classroom. Personally I struggled with this concept: although I appreciate that each person has different comfort levels with technology and each person learns in different ways and time frames, in the corporate world, you are expected to quickly adapt and get on board or get out.

I am sure that there are some great teachers who are hesitant with learning and utilizing technology in their lessons. But that being said, I find it disturbing that we would allow teachers to not get on board. How do teachers create 21st century thinkers without using 21st century tools?

I find myself a little wary about my personal abilities with including technology in my classroom. Despite my occasional personal embarrassment, I tend to be a outspoken leader. I am wondering if and how I am going to be a leader in the change going forward when I am just learning about these tools myself. I guess I am very thankful that I am learning it as I develop  my own methods and style.

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